Tarantino Flunks American History – Salon.com


This article from January of this year is an interesting follow-up to Rachel’s comment about Django Unchained and “The Scourged Back.”  If the film claims to make a point about American slave society, is Tarantino responsible to represent it in an historically truthful way, or is he only responsible for entertaining his audience?  Can historical representation and entertainment work well together?

The World War II Memorial & American exceptionalism is a dangerous myth – Salon.com



About the World War II Memorial in Washington DC:


American exceptionalism is a dangerous myth


“This is not a memorial built by people of the early twenty-first century. Part of its purpose, indeed, is to erase all that Americans did between 1945 and 2001 so that we might insert ourselves into the morally pure era (supposedly, as we have reimagined it) of the Second World War. It functions, then, a little like Williamsburg or Sturbridge Village: It is history that is not-history, or not-history dressed up as history. It is history, in short, for those who are devoid of memory.”

via American exceptionalism is a dangerous myth – Salon.com.

Rape by American Soldiers in World War II France – NYTimes.com

An astounding new book about American soldiers in France during World War II– and their record of sexual assault.

This falls firmly under the heading of “revisionist” history, and it’s interesting how much of the article deals with past readings of this material.


Rape by American Soldiers in World War II France – NYTimes.com.

Presidential Politics and the I.R.S.

Presidential Politics and the I.R.S..


There it is, in today’s White House press conference:  the dreaded suggestion that today’s IRS scandal rivals the malfeasances of Richard M. Nixon–the touchstone, now and probably forever, of presidential dirty tricks.  HISTORY rears its ugly head and smacks President Obama, who has been fond of quoting (and being compared to) the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, but who probably does not enjoying being compared to the GOP’s greatest embarrassment, Richard Nixon.

Museum exhibit to explore history of mythic creatures, including dragons, unicorns – Wash Post

This short article from AP addresses a museum exhibit with no “real” objects on display, as I would imagine that the exhibit would include speculations about these mythic creatures or imagined representations of them.  Also, it is connected to our brief discussion of conspiracy theories as history, especially on The History Channel.


The 700-Doll Question – NYTimes.com

The 700-Doll Question – NYTimes.com.

Here’s a very timely article — about collections, family, nostalgia, autobiography, and history.  Be sure to check out the slideshow of the doll collection.


“I watched “Antiques Roadshow” and wondered how many people ended up selling their valuable treasures, and how many more couldn’t bring themselves to part with something so special. How many marriages had been strained by the problem I was struggling with?