Developer plans high-rise on Nye’s site

Director Schafer Richardson, plans on developing the old historic restaurant of Nye’s Polonaise.  He plans on turning it into a major apartment complex that will be up to 30 stories talls.

The owners of the bar has been approached by many developers but decided to go with Richardson because he has redeveloped several historic buildings in the city of Northeast Minneapolis.

According to the article Ny’s has been around for 65 years on along East Hennepin, across from the Mississippi River.  The restaurant has been struggling financially for some years now and eventually decided to ‘partner’ with Richardson for redevelopment. Nye’s is still under review by the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission.

Richardson added a quote saying ” We’re respectful of the history of the property and if there’s a way to pay homage to the history of the buildings, we’re all for trying to figure that out”

I think this goes along greatly with our previous topic in class of historic preservation just like that of the theatre we went and visited.  It’s nice to see that there are so many buildings that are being preserved for their historical significance rather than just being torn down and forgotten about.


Old Tactic Gets New Use: Public Schools Separate Girls and Boys

In this article posted by New York Times, it talks about the Florida schools segregating students based on gender. The article talks about this practice being common in the 19th century but not presently. The article has two opposing view points on how these gender separations are beneficial as well as detrimental to the learning environment. The opposing viewpoint comes from the ACLU who has concerns about gender segregation that negatively impacts the kids because of stereotyping.

In response to the ACLU lawsuits, administration has stated:

“Schools may set up such classes if they can provide evidence that the structure will improve academics or discipline in a way that coeducational measures cannot. Students must have a coeducational alternative, and families must volunteer to place their children in all-boys or all-girls classes.

But the guidance says that ‘evidence of general biological differences is not sufficient to allow teachers to select different teaching methods or strategies for boys and girls'”

The Florida schools have reportedly done well with the gender separation and it has shown to have increased its standardized testing scores.

Something that I would want this article to talk about is the comparison of 19th century gender segregation where gender stereotypes would be reinforced as opposed to present time where the same curriculum would be taught to all students.