CBS News Kennedy Assassination special from last night

I don’t know if anyone saw this hour-long special on CBS last night, but it was pretty interesting. They shed some new evidence into the light and used new animation techniques to show how Oswald killed Kennedy and how conspiracy theorists have played a role in (what CBS news believes) is the greatest conspiracy theory ever. It’s narrated and hosted by Bob Schieffer and has interviews and quotes form Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite and a host of other famous newscasters. 

Music Meant to Torture Included Julio Iglesias

Music Meant to Torture Included Julio Iglesias

As most of us know, music (including Megadeth among other heavy metal bands) have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan to torture enemy combatants for over 10 years by our country’s military. A recently revealed article details new torture techniques by Chilean Army general Augusto Pinochet in the 1970’s including Cat Stevens and Julio Iglesias.

Vikings on History Season 2

I know some of you might laugh at this, but I’ve recently become a HUGE fan of this show. It’s one of the highest rated shows on the channel and although the new episodes of Season 2 don’t arrive until next year, there are some pretty intense characterizations and historical accuracies that are worth following. Below is the link to the Season 2 trailer….